Biographical Information
Status: alive
Home: manhattan
Affiliation: avengers
Occupation: superhero
Physical Description
Species: mutated human
Gender: male
Hair color: black
Eye color: dark green (as hulk)

brown (as Bruce Banner)

  • Brian Banner (father)
Current Allies:
Current Enemies:
  • all supervillains
Show Information
Portrayed by: Joseph Vladamus
First mentioned: ""cuckoo""
First appearance: ""yesterday is bad""
Latest appearance: ""Squatting with Neighbors""
Latest mention: ""Question Time""
Relevant Pages

Hulk is a character in once upon a time

"Yesterday is bad" Edit

hulk debuted in the episode Yesterday is bad where he Mike, Batman and Prince Charming spy on Darkseid

Trollwick's scrolls Edit

an older version of hulk saw on one of Trollwick's scrolls

more info Edit

hulk's future self makes a brief cameo but doesn't make another appearance

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