Potential Storyline EventsEdit

  • The Toxic 7 Will Return.
  • Sinestro, Darkseid And Green Lantern Will Appear.
  • John Stewart Will only Appear In Backstories.
  • List Of The Lantern Corps Emotional Spectrum
  • Mary Margaret Represents The Violet Lantern(Love)
  • David Represents The Blue Lantern(Hope)
  • Emma Represents The Indigo Lantern(Compassion)
  • Henry Represents The White Lantern(Life)
  • Hook Represents The Red Lantern(Rage)
  • Rumplestilskin Represents The Orange Lantern(Greed)
  • Scarecrow Will Represent The Black Lantern(Death)
  • Green Lantern Represents The Green Lantern(Willpower)
  • Sinestro Represents The Yellow Lantern(Fear)
  • Regina Represents The Grey Lantern(Balance)


  • Unleashed
  • The Violet Lantern
  • The Blue Lantern
  • The Legend
  • Sinestro's Resolve
  • The Black Lantern
  • Where Greed And Rage Cross
  • The Indigo Lantern
  • Light's Decendant
  • The Final Battle(Finale Part 1)
  • The Green Lantern(Finale Part 2)

The Guardians Are ComingEdit

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