Biographical Information
Status: Deceased (but reincarnated loads of time)
Home: Wrecked World
Affiliation: machine team
Occupation: Villain
Physical Description
Species: cyborg
Gender: male
Hair color: brown
Eye color: cybernetic
  • scientist (creator)
Current Allies:
  • other evil robots
Current Enemies:
Show Information
Portrayed by: Jones Tushbush
First mentioned: ""who are you?""
First appearance: ""the Come of a mysterious person""
Latest appearance: ""the Ree watch battle""
Latest mention: ""Whoop-ti-do""
Relevant Pages

Terminator is a character in ABC's Once upon a time

Dream Jeen Crusher Edit

he keeps the Dream Jeen Crusher in the secret safe of secrets

loads of robots have been crushed in the Dream Jeen Crusher

Darkseid's Rebellion army Edit

Robots vs Kryptonians war Darkseid and Terminator's armies fighted

coldspun Edit

the coldspinner freezes stuff by spinning them around

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